Welfare projects

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The projects of the Givati Brigade Association include, among other things, helping bereaved families,
lone soldiers, families of soldiers from very low socio-economic background, and managing educational and academic programs for discharged soldiers.

A paved career for the privileged few
Served in Givati?
Interested in high-tech and doing things with meaning?

An accelerated training and integration program in high-tech, in the software development track, which
includes the development of technological projects for social challenges.
The registration is underway
In association with the Givati Brigade House Association

Hilma is a non-profit company established in 2018 and dedicated to developing solutions to social
 The project is headed by Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs whose dream is to turn the State of
Israel into a leader in the field of social high-tech.
 Inspired by IDF’s 8200 unit.
 We are interested in recruiting combat soldiers from Givati Brigade for a unique training track,
which involves integration in high-tech industry, on a full-stack web development track.

Training Track:
6 months – camp + training
Placement in Hilma and help in finding jobs at other high-tech companies
A number of combat soldiers have passed the screening process and are in the training track
For studies in the upcoming year, please contact Hilma’s offices:
Website: www.hilma.tech

For further details and questions contact us via email: tavor575@hilma.tech


The TA’ASUCHAYIL program from the La’ofek association, and in cooperation with the Givati Brigade
House Association, has set itself a goal of assisting in the employment of soldiers who need financial
assistance during their military service, and down the road also to assisting them in finding
employment after their military service.
The program’s goal is to help soldiers in their mandatory service to take advantage of the employment
opportunities available to them by the army.

We offer employment solutions for soldiers according to the following options:
1. Soldiers who serve on a day-to-day basis, and can work in the evenings
2. Soldiers who serve on a bi-weekly basis (shavua-shavua)
3. Soldiers who a special vacation for several weeks
4. Soldiers with special working permits, in accordance with the needs of the needs of the
economy throughout the year, such as during Passover, year-end inventory counts, etc.
The program works in full cooperation with large companies in Israel, along with small and medium-
sized businesses from all over the country and from a variety of cities and sectors.

For more information and guidance:
Ta’asuchayil main office email: nati.taasuchail@gmail.com
Phone (Nati): 02-5904613/2
WhatsApp: 058-5904613
In urgent matters, contact Arye: 055-662600
Givati Association: (Shlomi) 053-7310195, (Judith) 054-4848684

– The project operates through a committee consisting of members of the Association BOD and the welfare officer.
– The selection is carried out by a specific BOD Committee and based on socio-economic criteria.
– Families eligible for support receive a food basket, for one year.
– The food basket is delivered every month directly to the families through one of the largest food chains in Israel – Shufersal Online.
Right now, we are supporting 12 families, and aiming to reach 25.


More than 200 lone soldiers serve in the Givati Brigade – most of them in operational positions –
including Israeli-born soldiers who do not have a family support network and lone soldiers from
Givati Brigade is involved in 3 main activities pertaining lone soldiers:
 The association organizes “lone soldiers’ day” twice a year, to thank the soldiers for their service
in the IDF.
 Lone soldiers often face the lack of a warm place to return to on weekends, after long drills and
training, entertain their friends and relatives, and find peace of mind. The association assists
lone soldiers who need additional assistance with their living arrangements outside the base
and living expenses, besides the support they receive from the IDF. Not all the options listed
below are suitable for every soldier, and sometimes the preferred solution for a particular
soldier requires a wait that can take months.
 Recruitment of civilian volunteers to accompany soldiers during their military service, including
emotional support and hugs during the touching moments of service (such as ceremonies,
journeys, and the end of operational activities).
Basically, lone soldiers who are eligible for housing support are referred to one of the following options:
 Adoption by a kibbutz
 Soldiers’ Houses (9 throughout the country)
 Warm Home (apartments for lone soldiers)
 Help with rent
 The selection of the soldiers who are eligible for the additional support of the Givati Brigade
Association is carried out by a committee of board members.
 All related activities are coordinated with the Givati Brigade’s terms of service officer.

Those who have dreamt of Givati
Deserve a scholarship
For a bachelor's degree
The Kinneret Academic College in collaboration with the Givati House Association are proud to present:
Givati’s unique program for the Brigade’s former soldiers

The program includes**:
 Undergraduate/Engineering scholarship
 Help with living costs in the dormitories
 Support and guidance from the Dean’s office staff
 Personal counselling and academic supervision

Hurry up and enroll! Studies start in October 2023
* Up to 3 years from the end of the service
** Receipt of scholarships and benefits is subject to the decision of the Admissions Committee and the
College’s scholarship regulations
For more information contact: mail@givati.org.il

Scholarships for academic studies in collaboration with the Kinneret Academic College for Engineering
The scholarship is intended for soldiers who have been discharged from the IDF in the past 5 years and
 Full funding of 4 years of study + living arrangements + preparatory program (for those who
need it)
 The selection is made according to socio-economic considerations and admission tests of the
 Engineering studies in a variety of fields – water, electricity and electronics, gas and oil energy

A former soldier in Givati?
Manta Isrotel Diving Center in collaboration with Givati House Association are happy to introduce a
professional and attractive program.
An accelerated training program and integration into the diving industry!
Dreaming of traveling and working around the world? Love the sea and enjoy guiding?
With us, you can learn and develop in the world of diving and even turn diving into a career.
Diving training is an international profession that can be suitable for any time – for a trip after the army,
for students on semester break, on holidays in general, and all the training can be financed through the
military service deposit.

Discharged soldiers who served in Givati Brigade are invited to participate in a professional and
attractive program – a collaboration between Manta Isrotel Diving Center and the Givati House

For additional information and enrollment: 08-6333666

Your donation is a significant gesture of gratitude to Israel’s heroic Givati Brigade

Your contribution is a tangible tribute to israel's heroic Givati Brigade