Welfare projects

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The GBA projects in the field of welfare includes, among other things, helping bereaved families, lone soldiers, families of soldiers from a very low socio-economic background and carrying out educational and Academic programs for soldiers that have been released from IDF.

– The project operates through a committee consisting of members of the Association BOD and the welfare officer.
– The selection is carried out by a specific BOD Committee and based on socio-economic criteria.
– Families eligible for support receive a food basket, for one year.
– The food basket is delivered every month directly to the families through one of the largest food chains in Israel – Shufersal Online.
Right now, we are supporting 12 families, and aiming to reach 25.

The Givati Brigade has over 200 Lone Soldiers – the majority who serve in combat positions – including Israeli-born soldiers who have not support at home, and ‘olim’ new immigrants. GBA is involved in 3 main activities related to Lone Soldiers:
– GBA organize annually two Lone Soldier Days to thank these soldiers for their service in IDF.
– Lone soldiers are often challenged by not having a warm place to come for weekends after long training drills, host their friends and relatives, and find peace of mind. GBA assists Lone Soldiers who need extra assistance with their off-base accommodation and living costs, regardless of the support they get from IDF. Not every option, as detailed below, is suitable for every soldier and sometimes the preferred solution for a specific soldier requires a wait that can last months.
– Recruitment of civilian volunteers who accompany the soldiers during their military service, including emotional support and hugs during the exciting moments of the service (such as ceremonies, journeys, and the end of operational activities) .

Basically, lone soldiers that are eligible for accommodation support, are directed to one of the following options:
– Adoption by a kibbutz
– Soldiers Homes (9 spread all over the country)
– Bayit Cham (Apartments for Lone Soldiers)
– Help with rent
–  The selection of the soldiers that are entitled to GBA extra support is carried out by a specific BOD Committee.
– All the related activities are coordinated with the Givati Brigade welfare officer.

Lone soldiers tell about the experience of service in Givati Brigade and the support of the Givati Brigade Association

Providing scholarships for academic studies in cooperation with the Kinneret
Academic College for engineering studies. The scholarship is intended for soldiers who
released from IDF in the last 5 years and includes:
– Full funding of 4 years of study + accommodation + preparatory school (for those
who need).
– The selection is made according to socio-economic criteria and selection tests of the
– Engineering studies in a variety of fields – water, electricity and electronics, energy-gas and oil industries.
We are aiming to raise donations for financing the studies of 5 Discharged Soldiers.

Your contribution is a tangible tribute to israel's heroic Givati Brigade