The General Assembly for 2020

The Chairman of the Givati Brigade Association Mr. Itzhak Levit is pleased
to invite the Directors of the Association to the General Assembly
Conference for 2020, which will be held on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 15:00
at the Soldier House in Tel Aviv 60 Weizmann Street.


On the agenda:
Report of the Chairman of the Association – Summary of activities 2019
Report of the Association Treasurer Gershon Vilan – 2019 Report of Yaakov
Mizrahi, CEO Chairman’s overview – Trends and projects 2020 Approval of 2020
budget – presented by Gershon Vilan Approval of new members to the
Association Board Q & A Various

If there is no quorum at 3:00 pm, the meeting will be adjourned to 3:10 pm
and be legal in any number of participants.



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