The annual memorial ceremony for the IDF soldiers that fell in the battle on Givat Ibdis, July 12, 2021

On Monday, 7/12/2021, Tuesday at 5:30 PM, was held the annual memorial ceremony for the IDF soldiers that fell in the battle of ​​Ibdis, in the presence of bereaved families, veterans of 1948 war, soldiers of the Givati ​​Brigade and friends who cherish the memory of the fallen.

The battles of Ibdis took place between July 7th,  1948 and July 12th , between the soldiers of the Givati ​​Brigade and the units of a reinforced Egyptian Brigade. The fortified height, located on a ridge about 2,000 meters northeast of the Negev, was captured in Operation An-Far and the brigade’s forces continued to hold it while standing the Egyptian counterattacks.

In July 1948, the Egyptians attacked Ibdis to cut off the Negev and serve as a springboard to the south. The 53rd  Battalion conquered the hill by surprise, drove out the Egyptians and seized much booty. The Egyptian infantry and tanks counterattacks, with the help of cannons and planes – were repulsed by the battalion’s fighters, despite their heavy losses.

The 52nd  Battalion that replaced the 53rd Battalion faced another two days of attacks by large Egyptian forces that came in waves and repulsed them. The battalion losses were heavy. The 54th Battalion also participated in the battle and made its contribution.

The Battle of Ibdis was one of the most difficult and bitter battles of the Independence War. Here the Egyptian army was stopped at a heavy price, galloping towards the south of the country, heading to Tel Aviv.

In battles Givati Brigade lost 25 fighters from the 52nd , 53rd and 54th Battalions.

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