Givati Brigade’s Battlegroup Raided Hamas’ Northern Brigade Headquarters

Fighters of Givati Brigade’s battlegroup raided the headquarters of the Northern brigade of the terror
organization, Hamas, located in the Sheikh Za'id area, in the North of the strip.
The Sheikh Za'id neighborhood is an affluent residential area, home to many senior members of Hamas.
It also has Hamas posts used, among other things, by the Nachba forces of the terrorist organization, at
the heart of the civilian population.
The forces conducted a raid with armored vehicles and located several shafts, among which was a
strategic wide shaft, 50m deep and 7m wide. The forces also found a small model simulating an IDF
armored fighting vehicle, and a wall simulating the border fence in Gaza.
In addition, launching compounds were found, which included lathes for manufacturing rockets,
underground holes for launching rockets, and a great quantity of fighting equipment.
During the operation, the fighters took out dozens of terrorists in the area. After the operation ended
the forces demolished the post.
Link to the article and the video clips as published on the IDF website:

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