General Assembly – Givati Brigade House Association

Dear members of the association,
You are cordially invited to participate in the annual assembly, which will be held on:
June 13, 2023, Tuesday, at 10:00, at the Givati Brigade Memorial and Heritage Center
at Yoav Fortress.

10:00 – Gathering and a light breakfast
10:30 – Tour of the fortress / new projects
10:45 – Start of assembly

On the Agenda
1. Report of the chairman of the association – summary of January-June 2023
2. Report of the site manager – summary of January-June 2023
3. Introduction of welfare projects to the soldiers of the brigade
4. Approval of the 2022 balance sheet – presentation by the CPA

5. Introduction of candidates to join the board of directors
6. Association regulations – adding a goal to the association’s goals
7. Approval of officials
8. Approval of the verbal report for 2022 for the registrar of non-profits
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