The Radio Command of Givati Brigade’s Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ziv: “Every day fighting with you is a huge privilege”

During a raid of Givati commando unit an explosive device was detonated against them. As a result, Staff Sergeant Nir Refael Kananian and First Sergeant Major Birhanu Kassie, of blessed memory, were killed, and five other fighters were injured. The day after, fighters of the Givati commando unit, in collaboration with a battalion from the … Read more

“As Hamami – so Givati”: Givati Fights in Khan Yunis – the Order in Memory of Colonel Assaf Hamani, O.B.M

On the day Givati Brigade joined the fighting in Khan Yunis, Col. Assaf Hamami, of blessed memory, was brought to rest. Col. Hamami fought and commanded alongside the brigade’s commander, Col. Liron Batito. The commander of the brigade dedicated the attack command on the radio to his memory. A link to the article on the … Read more

Givati Brigade’s Battlegroup Raided Hamas’ Northern Brigade Headquarters

Fighters of Givati Brigade’s battlegroup raided the headquarters of the Northern brigade of the terror organization, Hamas, located in the Sheikh Za'id area, in the North of the strip. The Sheikh Za'id neighborhood is an affluent residential area, home to many senior members of Hamas. It also has Hamas posts used, among other things, by … Read more

End of Training in Gaza

Fighters recruited on August 22 did not get to finish their training and already joined the fighting in Gaza with the brigade. This week, they formally finished their training and received the Brigade’s fighter pin, while in action.

Heritage officer of Givati, Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Keinan visits assembly points before the ground maneuver

The brigade’s heritage officer, Lt. Col. Moshe Keinan, has been visiting the brigade’s assembly areas and various battalion bases over the past week as part of preparations for the ground maneuver in the Gaza Strip. As part of his meetings with the fighters and commanders, he talks with them about the importance and significance of … Read more

Supporting our soldiers on the frontlines

Chairman of the non-profit “Givati Brigade Association”Itzhak Levit joins Givati Brigade’s commander Col. Liron Betito in the Brigade headquarters to express solidarity. Since the onset of the War on Hamas, The Association has been providing essential civilian equipment and support for Brigade and their families and visiting the injured following the Hamas terror attacks in … Read more

After 75 Years, the Air Force and the Givati Brigade Will Reenact the Collaboration from the Historic First Airstrike in 1948 in a Special Display.

One of the exciting highlights of the graduation ceremony of the pilot training that will be held tonight (Thursday) at Hatzerim airbase, will be an aerial show of two old American airplanes – Howard and Stearman. On board the Stearman will be Givati Brigade Commander Colonel Eliad Moati, symbolically marking the first collaboration in IDF … Read more

The Annual Getaway for Bereaved Families of Givati Brigade 2023

On June 15-17, 2023, Thursday-Saturday, the Givati Families Weekend was held at the Yearim Hotel, Ma’ale Hahamisha The getaway is the result of many years of development between the Givati Brigade, the Givati Family Association, and the Givati Brigade Association. This is a particularly exciting event that has been held every year since 1991 at … Read more