Conference for Lone Soldiers at Yoav Fortress

Lone soldiers who serve in Givati Brigade – you are not alone! Givati Brigade House Association and the Brigade Terms of Service Unit invite you, the Brigade’s lone soldiers, to a seminar, training and assistance that will be held on Sunday, Shvat 14, February 5, 2023, at Yoav Fortress.   Schedule: 9:00-9:30 – Gathering at … Read more

Givati Brigade 40th Anniversary Assembly

You are hereby invited to the Givati Brigade 40th anniversary Assembly, which will be held on Thursday, Shvat 25, February 16, 2023, at the Amphi Park in Be’er Sheva.   Schedule: 15:30 – Gathering 17:30 – Main Ceremony 18:30 – Show   There may be changes depending on the weather

Conference for Comrades and Brigade Commanders Through the Generations

Givati Brigade House Association invites you to a conference for the brigade commanders through the ages, which will be held on Thursday, 25 Shvat, February 16, 2023, at Amphi Park Be’er Sheva. At the end of the conference, the Givati Brigade assembly will begin, marking the 40th anniversary of the Purple Brigade.   Schedule:  16:15 … Read more

Givati Race 2023

Past and current members of Givati are invited to participate in the Givati race, marking the 40th anniversary of the Purple Brigade. The race will take place on February 9, 20202, at 8:00, at Amphi Park Be’er Sheva Estimated end time 11:00.  

Givati Drill or GTA?

A week ago, the Givati Brigade embarked on a five-day battle against Hezbollah’s Radwan force – they maneuvered through the northern mountains, evaded mines and fired – all through a computer. The exercise enabled examining processes within the manpower complex – from the provision of a logistics envelope, the rescue of a stranded vessel, to … Read more

“Purple Does Not Come Off with Water – Nor with Sweat”

It has been three years since Givati was on the podium of the combat fitness competition for officers. This year purple covered the podium, and all thanks to the new brigade goals, first and foremost – physical training. The article on the Givati Brigade website

74 years ago, today, the Yoav fortress was captured from the Egyptian invaders

Today, 9.11.2022, is the anniversary of the conquering of the Iraq Suwaydan police fort known as the “Monster on the Hill.” After 7 failed attempts, the fort was captured during an operation called “Operation Eight,” under the command of “the old man,” Major General Yitzhak Sadeh. At the end of the operation the Egyptian flag … Read more

Gathering in Memory of the Fallen

Commemorating the casualties of Givati Brigade The ceremony will be held on Thursday, 27.10.2022, 20 Cheshvan 5783, in the national memorial site at Yoav Fortress. 18:00 Gathering and visiting the Hall of the Fallen 19:00 – Start of ceremony Those who cherish their memory are invited to participate Entry with weapons will not be allowed

The Annual Getaway for Bereaved Families of Givati Brigade 2022

On October 20-23, 2022, Thursday-Sunday, the Givati Families Weekend was held at the Astral Village Hotel Eilat. The resort  is the fruit of many years of development between the Givati Brigade, the Givati Family Association, and the Givati Brigade House Association. This is a particularly exciting event that has been held annually since 1991 at … Read more