Activities at the site

Heritage Center

The Givati Heritage Center traces the history of the Givati Brigade from its earliest days in 1947 until today. The Heritage Center is divided into two sections: · Givati 1948 – chronological description of the events from the establishment of the brigade, its first days, the defense of the Jewish settlement in the fighting zones until the expulsion of the Egyptian invader and the end of the War of Independence. · Givati since its re-establishment in 1983, the brigade battalions, the training of fighters, operational activity in Lebanon, Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip. In the auditorium is projected a film documenting the life of the brigade from the day it was founded until today, combined with archival footage and interviews with the commanders of the brigade in 1948. A must visit for those interested in learning and experiencing a major chapter in the history of the revival of Israel in its land.

Memorial hall

A memorial hall on whose walls the brigade's names of the fallen soldiers are engraved, as well as a computerized database including further information about each soldier. In addition, there is a library displaying books written by the families in memory of their sons. At the entrance to the memorial hall there is a multimedia system called "Battles Path Map",which gives an overview of battles and operations from 1948 to the present day and the list of the fallen soldiers in each battle.

The weapons exhibit

Illustrates the tremendous differences in the forces and means of warfare that Givati Brigade had during the War of Independence compared with the invading Egyptian army.

Field activities in Givati Park / Shelach and Yedidat HaAretz Camp (Knowledge of the Land)

Givati parking is located in the vicinity of Yoav Fortress (part of the Komemiut Forest). Over the years, hundreds of trees has been planted in the forest, in memory of Givati fallen soldiers. The parking lot is intended to carry out field activities. It is fenced and illuminated, with water and cooking facilities, pergolas that are used as classrooms, tables and benches, and accommodation facilities for the Shelach group leaders. The purpose of the parking lot is to allow students acquire the skills and habits required for field trips combined with activities regarding Givati Brigade heritage. This activity presents the students with intellectual and physical challenges, contributes to the group’s social cohesion, and adds another important dimension to the region’s knowledge and the legacy of the Brigade.


Library in memory of the first Givati Brigade commander Colonel Shimon Avidan Z”l. The library includes a wide range of books and information booklets from the various IDF periods, with an emphasis on the War of Independence.

Smart classroom

Classroom with up to 45 seats. Equipped with a state-of-the-art lecturing position, includes a touch screen with a laptop connection, a 65 “LED screen, a computer and printer stand, a multimedia system and student chairs. intended mainly for commanders who wish to hold enrichment and heritage lessons to their soldiers.