About Givati Association

The Givati Brigade Association was founded in 1985 by a group of 1948 Givati
veterans and headed by Major General Itzhak Pundak z”l. The Association is located in Yoav Fortress and intended primarily to honor the memory of The Givati Brigade soldiers who fell for the independence and continuing the fortification of the State of Israel.

The Givati Brigade Association aims to bring to light and pass on the legacy of the extraordinary valor of the soldiers and their units while preserving and caring for the many monuments scattered in the Negev area, an eternal testament to Givati’s contribution for the establishment of our State.

Among others, The Association maintain the Givati Brigade Museum – a must for anyone who wants to learn and experience a major episode in the history of the establishment of the state of Israel – supports needy soldiers, bereaved families and initiates educational activities among soldiers and students.