A message from the commander of the Givati Brigade, Col. Liron Batito, Memorial Day, 2024

On Memorial Day, while the entire nation of Israel stood at attention in memory of Israel's fallen
soldiers and the victims of hostilities, the commanders and fighters of the Givati Brigade stopped
their activity in the heart of Rafah in order to commemorate the 996 fallen soldiers of the brigade.
Attached is a video from the powerful and moving ceremony, with a speech by the brigade
commander, Colonel Liron Batito
In the sharp transition to Israel's 76th Independence Day, between attack and mission, we will all
remember our commitment to the country’s continued security and existence.
It is our privilege to defend the country, and to protect our homes for our families and children. We
will pray and strive for the return of the abductees and captives to our land and hope for the recovery
of the wounded in body and soul.
May we all know good days, days of comfort, and hope.
To the end – to victory!
Always with you
Givati Brigade


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