Heritage officer of Givati, Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Keinan visits assembly points before the ground maneuver

The brigade’s heritage officer, Lt. Col. Moshe Keinan, has been visiting the brigade’s assembly areas and various battalion bases over the past week as part of preparations for the ground maneuver in the Gaza Strip. As part of his meetings with the fighters and commanders, he talks with them about the importance and significance of … Read more

Supporting our soldiers on the frontlines

Chairman of the non-profit “Givati Brigade Association”Itzhak Levit joins Givati Brigade’s commander Col. Liron Betito in the Brigade headquarters to express solidarity. Since the onset of the War on Hamas, The Association has been providing essential civilian equipment and support for Brigade and their families and visiting the injured following the Hamas terror attacks in … Read more

The Givati Brigade Association
Serving on the Front Lines of the War on Hamas on the Gaza Strip Border
Providing Israeli combat soldiers, reservists and the injured with Urgent Support

Help us equip them with all their needs!
Together & Only Together We Will be Victorious!